Module description

Workload150 h
FrequencyOn-going, start any time
Durationup to 20 weeks
Coursesa) Academic research
b) Academic writing
Contact timeIndividual
Self study148 h
Learning outcomeParticipants...

. . .are able to deduce, document and present a proposed explanation for a research question . . .

. . . based upon the techniques and principles of academic research and writing . . .

. . . in order to derive an answer for an identified research problem by . . .

• understanding the foundations of academic research and differentiating them from random approaches of problem solving,

• giving examples of generally accepted academic principles and identifying academic misbehavior,

• understanding the concepts of inductive and deductive reasoning as well as falsification and falsifiability,

• differentiating between research questions and research hypotheses as well as research approaches and alternative scientific styles and structural designs,

• identifying a topic/title and developing a research aim,

• conducting literature research and evaluating the quality of information sources,

• differentiating possible elements of research papers,

• deducing an interpretation of a topic from a theoretical perspective and/or against the background of a given problem setting,

• developing a structure of a research paper that corresponds with the interpretation,

• applying rules of referencing and citation in a consistent way,

• applying the principles of academic language and writing,

• applying techniques of argumentation.
Syllabus1. Foundations of academic research
2. Academic principles
3. Research logic
4. Research process
5. Identification of a topic
6. Sourcing of information
7. Elements of a research paper
8. Interpretation of a topic
9. Structuring technique
10. Referencing
11. Academic language and writing style
12. Argumentation
Teaching and learning methods1.) E-learning, textbook studies
2.) Term paper
3.) Poster presentation
Formal requirementsNone
Content-related requirementsNone
ExaminationTerm paper
Oral presentation
Requirements for certificate50% of points
Deployment of moduleUnrestricted
Coordinating instructorProf. Dr. Christian Decker
Language of instructionEnglish
LiteratureLatest editions:

American Psychological Association. Publication Manual of the American Psychological
Association, Washington, DC: Author.

Decker, C. & Werner, R. Academic research and writing: A concise introduction, Frankfurt am Main: iCADEMICUS