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Chapter 1 – Foundations
PrimerIntroduction to chapter 1(00:00)
Unit 0Agenda(01:34)
Unit 1Context and relevance(03:35)
Unit 2Sample cases(07:05)
Unit 3Terminology(09:00)
Unit 4Philosophical considerations(14:29)
Unit 5Course structure(09:21)
Unit 6Summary(01:53)
Chapter 2 – Academic principles
PrimerIntroduction to chapter 2(00:00)
Unit 0Agenda(01:05)
Unit 1Context and relevance (02:51)
Unit 2Accuracy(10:53)
Unit 3Completeness(03:46)
Unit 4Clarity(02:56)
Unit 5Comparability(02:39)
Unit 6Materiality(02:07)
Unit 7Summary(01:39)
Chapter 3 – Research logic
PrimerIntroduction to chapter 3(00:00)
Unit 0Agenda(01:13)
Unit 1Context and relevance(02:46)
Unit 2Reasoning(03:08)
Unit 3Syllogism(16:08)
Unit 4Falsification(10:18)
Unit 5Summary(03:08)
Chapter 4 – Research process
PrimerIntroduction to chapter 4(00:00)
Unit 0Agenda(01:24)
Unit 1Context and relevance(02:51)
Unit 2Research question and research hypothesis(12:38)
Unit 3Research approaches and methods(04:11)
Unit 4Scientific styles and structural designs(10:33)
Unit 5Summary(01:59)
Chapter 5 – Identification of a topic
PrimerIntroduction to chapter 5(00:00)
Unit 0Agenda(01:16)
Unit 1Context and relevance(02:53)
Unit 2Candidate(04:23)
Unit 3Abstract and problem-based aims(04:25)
Unit 4Process and techniques(04:10)
Unit 6Verbalisation(09:02)
Unit 6Summary(01:59)
Chapter 6 – Sourcing of information
PrimerIntroduction to chapter 6(00:00)
Unit 0Agenda(01:24)
Unit 1Context and relevance(02:48)
Unit 2Information sources(02:33)
Unit 3Types of literature(14:40)
Unit 4Appraisal of references(11:29)
Unit 5Literature search(15:37)
Unit 6Summary(01:54)
Chapter 7 – Elements
PrimerIntroduction to chapter 7(00:00)
Unit 0Agenda(01:04)
Unit 1Context and relevance(04:05)
Unit 2Structural elements and their application(09:54)
Unit 3Description of structural elements(26:48)
Unit 4Summary(01:48)
Chapter 8 – Interpretation of a topic
PrimerIntroduction to chapter 8(00:00)
Unit 0Agenda(01:14)
Unit 1Context and relevance(02:49)
Unit 2Interpretation technique(07:05)
Unit 3Potential aims and application(10:19)
Unit 4Problem based interpretation(19:17)
Unit 5Summary(01:18)
Chapter 9 – Structuring technique
PrimerIntroduction to chapter 9(00:00)
Unit 0Agenda(01:10)
Unit 1Context and relevance(03:18)
Unit 2Deductive reasoning and research problem(09:29)
Unit 3Research problem, outline and course of investigation(08:02)
Unit 4Conclusion, summary, critical acclaim and outlook(04:47)
Unit 5Summary(01:14)
Chapter 10 – Referencing
PrimerIntroduction to chapter 10(00:00)
Unit 0Agenda(01:01)
Unit 1Context and relevance(02:36)
Unit 2Principles of referencing(13:09)
Unit 3Parenthetical referencing(07:37)
Unit 4Footnote referencing(06:38)
Unit 5Summary(01:41)
Chapter 11 – Language and style
PrimerIntroduction to chapter 11(00:00)
Unit 0Agenda(01:11)
Unit 1Context and relevance(02:40)
Unit 2Principles of academic writing(19:11)
Unit 3Logic of argumentation, phrasing and syntax(11:30)
Unit 4Rules of spelling and punctuation(15:12)
Unit 5Summary(02:05)
Chapter 12 – Argumentation
PrimerIntroduction to chapter 12(00:00)
Unit 0Agenda(01:30)
Unit 1Context and relevance(02:23)
Unit 2Definitions(03:22)
Unit 3Paragraph structure(11:56)
Unit 4Flow of paragraphs(05:13)
Unit 5Reasoning and referencing(05:01)
Unit 6Summary(01:50)
Technical labs
Academic posters
Unit 1Context and relevance(01:23)
Unit 2Academic presentations(03:30)
Unit 3Academic posters(08:36)
Unit 4Powerpoint tutorial(13:32)
Unit 5Summary(00:59)