“The beginning is the most important part of the work.”

Plato, Greek philosopher


Chapter 1: Instructions


PrimerIntroduction to chapter 1(00:00)
VideoUnit 0Agenda(01:34)
VideoUnit 1Context and relevance(03:35)
VideoUnit 2Sample cases(07:05)
BookSubchapter 1.2Read and take notespp. 2-4
BookSubchapter the problem ‘Science in politics’p. 22
BookSubchapter the problem ‘Science at a party’p. 23
BookSubchapter the problem ‘Financial research’p. 23
VideoUnit 3Terminology(09:00)
BookSubchapter 1.3Read and take notespp. 5-9
VideoUnit 4Philosophical considerations(14:29)
BookSubchapter 1.4Read and take notespp. 9-17
BookSubchapter the problem ‘Epistemic objectives’p. 24
BookSubchapter 1.6Solve the problem ‘Reductive and constructive models’p. 24
VideoUnit 5Course structure(09:21)
VideoUnit 6Summary(01:53)
BookSubchapter 1.6.2Test your knowledge: question 1 to 36pp. 21-22

Key terms

Academia, science, theory, method, set of methods, methodology, truth, theories of truth, ontological positions, epistemic objectives, model, subjectivism, objectivism, social constructivism, social ontology