New videos added: foundations of academic research


The e-learning videos of chapter 1 “Foundations” introduce you to the world of academic research and writing from a practical, terminological and philosophical perspective. To start with, four sample cases exemplify how academic research is embedded in professional, university, institutional and collaborative scenarios. As a thread for you, the topic “windmill financing”, appearing as a recurring theme throughout this course, is used in each of the four sample cases; however, every sample case describes a different setting in order to illustrate different manifestations of academic research. Furthermore, relevant key terms such as academia, science and theory as well as method, set of methods and methodology are discussed providing a terminological foundation for the content of the subsequent chapters. Philosophical considerations are presented in a concise way. The focus is on the terms truth and theories of truth as well as ontological positions and epistemic objectives. The concept of models, as simplifications of reality, is introduced. Finally, the structure of the subject matter “academic research and writing” is presented as a graphic. This illustration is used in order to explain the structure of the following chapters and will reappear as an entry point at the beginning of the subsequent chapters.

Link to e-learning videos: Overview of chapter 1