„Every noble work is at first impossible.”

Thomas Carlyle, Scottish writer and historian


Chapter 7: Instructions


Introduction to chapter 7
VideoUnit 0
VideoUnit 1Context and relevance(04:05)
VideoUnit 2Structural elements and their application(09:54)
BookSubchapter 7.2Read and take notespp. 133-140
VideoUnit 3
Description of structural elements
BookSubchapter 7.3Read and take notespp. 140-156
VideoUnit 4Summary(01:48)
BookSubchapter 7.4.2Test your knowledge: question 1 to 25pp. 156-157
BookSubchapter 7.4.3Solve the problem ‘Logical structure of an outline’pp. 157-158


Structural elements, sections, page numbering, addments, directories, main body, annex, cover page, abstract, foreword, preface, dedication, outline, decadal numbering, alphanumerical numbering, figures, tables, abbreviations, symbols, formula, bibliography, references, glossary, appendix, data carrier, storage media, index ox names, subject index