„If you want to be successful, you must respect one rule: Never lie to yourself.”

Paulo Coelho, Brazilian novelist


Chapter 10: Instructions


PrimerIntroduction to chapter 10(00:00)
VideoUnit 0Agenda(01:01)
VideoUnit 1
Context and relevance
VideoUnit 2Principles of referencing(13:09)
BookSubchapter 10.2Read and take notespp. 219-225
VideoUnit 3Parenthetical referencing(07:37)
BookSubchapter 10.3Read and take notespp. 225-229
VideoUnit 4
Footnote referencing
BookSubchapter 10.4Read and take notespp. 230-232
VideoUnit 5Summary(01:41)
BookSubchapter 10.6.2Test your knowledge: question 1 to 14p. 234
BookSubchapter 10.6.2Solve the problem: ‘Differentiating standards of referencing’p. 234


Citation, direct citation, indirect citation, in-text citation, quotation, paraphrase, indication, reference, cross reference, footnote, endnote, parenthetical referencing, footnote referencing, author-date method, author-title method, author-page method, Harvard style, style guides, APA style, MLA style