“The true delight is in the finding out rather than in the knowing.”

Isaac Asimov, Russian-born American author and biochemist


Chapter 6: Instructions


PrimerIntroduction to chapter 6(00:00)
VideoUnit 0Agenda (01:24)
VideoUnit 1Context and relevance(02:48)
VideoUnit 2Information sources(02:33)
BookSubchapter 6.2Read and take notespp. 105-106
VideoUnit 3Types of literature(14:40)
BookSubchapter 6.3Read and take notespp. 106-111
VideoUnit 4Appraisal of references(11:29)
BookSubchapter 6.4Read and take notespp. 111-117
BookSubchapter the problem ‘Citation indices’p. 129
BookSubchapter the problem ‘Peer review’p. 129
VideoUnit 5Literature search(15:37)
BookSubchapter 6.5Read and take notespp. 117-126
VideoUnit 6Summary(01:54)
BookSubchapter 6.6.2Test your knowledge: question 1 to 37pp. 128-129


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